2 Aug, 2019

ECOLOGO Certification for HP inks

HP water-based corrugated printing inks can helpĀ brands achieve sustainability goals

HP has confirmed that its PageWide’s water-based corrugated packaging inks have received UL ECOLOGO® Certification for meeting printing inks sustainability standard. This certification enables corrugated converters to meet their brands’ requirements for sustainability and reach new target audiences who seek green-related manufacturers.

In other news from the company, it confirmed the PageWide water-based inks have received a 2019 InterTech™ Technology Award from Printing Industries of America (PIA). 

The HP PageWide digital corrugated press portfolio uses A30 water-based ink for the PageWide T1100 series pre-print corrugated presses and CV150 water-based ink for the PageWide C500 press for post-print. HP PageWide’s water-based inks are free of UV reactive chemistries, offering converters many environmental benefits and the ability to produce more corrugated applications digitally.

“Demand for corrugated packaging is growing rapidly, along with increasingly stringent requirements for environmental safety. HP is committed to socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing, striving to reach the highest sustainability standards to enable our customers to meet their environmental stewardship goals,” said Eric Wiesner, General Manager, HP PageWide Industrial Division, HP Inc.

“By earning the ECOLOGO Certification, HP has demonstrated industry leadership in developing sustainable products,” said Alberto Uggetti, Vice President and General Manager of UL’s Environment and Sustainability division. “HP’s inks meet the UL standard for environmental and human health criteria of the entire ink lifecycle.”

To receive the certification, HP submitted test results of digital corrugated print samples produced on the PageWide T1100 series and PageWide C500 presses, in addition to UL’s auditing of HP’s ink manufacturing facilities for PageWide industrial inks.

UL ECOLOGO Certification ensures printing inks have met the requirements set by UL including:

  • Minimum levels of VOCs, heavy metals, phthalates, halogenated solvents, other aromatic hydrocarbons and hazardous substances;
  • Manufactured using environmentally and socially responsible practices;
  • Minimal environmental impact;
  • Use of recycled and recyclable packaging.



UL ECOLOGO Certi­fication is a globally recognized eco-label whose range of standards are recognized in more than 150 rating systems, speci­fications, and standards and included in procurement language. From programs like LEED to the U.S. Federal Government to local purchasing requirements, these organizations and governmental agencies have trust that ECOLOGO certi­fications will help them identify the best products possible.


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