24 Mar, 2017

Digital print on the corrugator

BHS Corrugated partner with Screen

BHS Corrugated GmbH and Screen Graphic and Precision Solutions Co Ltd have confirmed an exclusive partnership to develop the BHS Corrugated Inline Digital Printing Solution for corrugated box plants. A new company – Screen GP IJC Ltd - has been established to develop the print engine technology which will be integrated into a BHS Corrugated Inline Digital Print Solution. It is based close to Screen GP subsidiary company Inca Digital’s manufacturing facility in the UK.

Unlike other digital print solutions on the market, the companies claim that the BHS Corrugated Inline Digital Printing Solution will be the only reel-to-printed sheet in real time process that is an integral part of the corrugated board manufacturing process (where printed sheets are stacked in the Stacker). The single-pass, aqueous inkjet system will print onto widths up to 2.8m wide at speeds of up to 300 m per min. It will be available as an option for new BHS Corrugators, or as upgrade to existing installations. Integrating digital printing inline on the corrugator is capable of generating two main value propositions: quick turnaround to enable fast and flexible order processing and saving on total cost of ownership.

“We are delighted to forge this cooperation with BHS,” says Tsuneo Baba, President, Screen GP. “By combining our digital printing technologies with BHS’s equally advanced technologies we aim to trigger major innovation in the corrugated industry.”

Christian Engel, CEO, BHS Corrugated, says, “Screen GP is a technology leader in digital print in a variety of markets and our partnership will enable us to be well prepared for the digital decade that the corrugated industry is entering and one that will bring a revolution of print, processes and machinery layout in box plants. BHS Corrugated focuses on providing high-end and high-speed solutions and I am convinced that the integration of digital print — inline — during the corrugating process is the superior option which will deliver significant benefits to our customers. The Beta machine will be launched in 2019.”

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