24 Apr, 2017

Abbott-Action Purchases Kongsberg Table #10,000

Phase 2 of the company’s digital investments include two Esko Kongsberg C finishing tables for an automated manufacturing environment

From left: Gail Conca, Abbott-Action; Daniel Sparrow, Esko; Sam Abbott, Abbott-Action; Chuck Slingerland, Abbott-Action; and Bill McDonough, Esko.

Abbott-Action has invested in two Esko Kongsberg C64 finishing tables — including the 10,000th built by Esko Kongsberg — as part of its effort to build an automated production ecosystem, partly based on Esko solutions. When complete, it will allow customers to participate in a seamless, connected experience from quote request to delivery. The two Kongsberg tables will be delivered to the Abbott-Action Attleboro, Massachusetts facility and will also include the new Esko iBF feeder and iMS material stacking systems, part of the Kongsberg Automate solution that helps to automate certain areas of the finishing workflow.  

Kongsberg C64

Reducing Waste and Downtime

Today’s corrugated print providers need to look beyond the digital cutting table to the silos of inefficiencies in their workflow — starting from a quote through design and finally shipment. When a digital printer is involved, it is important to avoid bottlenecking files to the printer. A faster printer and finishing table is of little value if the tools are not in place to maximize output from both. What counts the most is overall equipment efficiency. Abbott-Action has invested in the Kongsberg tables as part of a complete solution, understanding the need for automation and integration from start to finish.

“The news from Abbott-Action is significant for two reasons. First, we are excited to celebrate our 10,000th Kongsberg table. We have a proud history and proven track record of building equipment that withstands the test of time. You can still find tables from the 1980s in daily use around the world,” comments George Folickman, Esko Business Development, Digital Finishing. “Over the last several years that philosophy has only improved as we adopt the renowned Lean manufacturing practices of our parent company, Danaher. We leverage our manufacturing practices along with our strengths as a software development company to enable our customers to comfortably enter this latest age of industrial manufacturing.

“Our focus moving forward is on reducing waste in the manufacturing process, connecting systems to make information available further upstream, automating production through robotics, and leveraging advancements in software technology such as augmented reality and cloud-based computing,” he continues. “We are just as pleased to have an exciting new innovation partner in Abbott-Action, who will provide product feedback to help us best develop new ways to bring ideas to market.”  

Lean Manufacturing Ecosystem

As a third-generation business founded in 1935, Abbott-Action is one of the most comprehensive suppliers of corrugated containers, wood shipping crates, protective packaging and display solutions in the northeast United States. Through multiple acquisitions and transitions over the years Abbott-Action has built a rich history on Lean manufacturing practices and production excellence. Today, it stands on the cutting edge of technology after incorporating numerous innovations. Both the Isowa IBIS flexo folder-gluer and Barberan Jetmaster 1890 digital printer have proven to be revolutionary to the production process. The state-of-the-art facility is completely solar powered. It’s through a commitment and dedication to sustainability that the company implements energy saving projects whenever possible.

Abbott-Action continues to expand product offerings regularly. New technology provides more opportunities at every turn. Evolving with the ever-changing needs of the market is the highest priority. Newly hired Marketing Manager Marcia Robbins seeks to bring the company to the forefront of today’s market as part of the latest sales strategy.

Working with Esko, Abbott-Action will be building a digital workflow system utilizing Esko Automation Engine and WebCenter that will allow customers to submit, approve, and track orders from virtually anywhere in the world and in a completely automated fashion. Both Esko software and hardware will let customers enjoy a seamless, timely transaction from request to delivery.

“Esko has committed to partnering with us to build a corrugated ecosystem. We have always been happy with the performance of the Kongsberg tables we have operated in the past. We know they are proven, and our plan of installing two Kongsberg C64 tables offers us added capacity and new opportunities for growth,” comments Chuck Slingerland, Esko EcoSystem Project Manager, Abbott-Action. “We are transitioning our traditional corrugated display company to utilize more than one substrate, quickly expanding our product offering. For example, we now have North American distribution rights to a new display system, Faster Displays, a patented P-O-P system that folds out within seconds.

“Each day, month and year there is a continuous evolution of digital workflow, software, printing and greater capacity,” adds Slingerland. “With our new Barberan digital printer we are working in an industrial environment, requiring an industrial manufacturing platform. Ultimately, our benefits are speed to market and creativity in design.”

With seasonality and marketing trends, Abbott-Action sees smaller order quantities with more order cycles. With these changes, the economies of scale have been reduced and the changeover rate has increased.

True Partnership

“While this is certainly reason to recognize a milestone for our Kongsberg tables, we are just as excited to have found a partner in Abbott-Action who believes, like we do, that innovation and investment in technology are key to meeting the challenges of this digital age,” comments Folickman. “A truly Lean manufacturing solution requires cutting-edge hardware, innovative new software, and a ‘digital nerve center’ tying all the pieces together. Esko software and Kongsberg finishing systems will enable Abbott-Action to respond to their customers’ increasing demands while offering the flexibility and technology to offer creative solutions that drive new business successes. We look forward to meeting this challenge.”

“When we have implemented the entire Esko ecosystem, there will be more flexibility in manufacturing,” adds Slingerland. “With Esko, our major drivers are speed to market and creativity.”  


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